Higher Power Training Instructional Design Portfolio

At Higher Power Training (HPT), we provide service Instructional Design Services as an outside consultant for a variety of companies.  We are responsible for evaluating effective teaching methods and technologies for adult learners; we conduct organizational needs and performance gap assessments using analysis of subject matter, job/task, audience and context; we extract key knowledge and experiences from Subject Matter Experts to compile valuable storyboards, curriculums, publications, and training and instructional programs and materials; and by applying adult learning theory, instructional theory, and interactive communication theory with the use of various technology methods across disciplines we are capable of maximizing Human Performance Technology (HPT) or Human Performance Improvement (HPI).

By constructing instructional modules using appropriate theories and methodologies, such as the ADDIE Model we can successfully integrate interdisciplinary connections from technology, psychology, and computer assisted interactive communications based on behavior, cognitive, constructive, and multiple intelligence approaches.  We coach and monitor internal instructors to ensure the highest level of quality of programs are maintained, and provide train-the-trainer sessions when necessary. We also integrate multimedia elements into simulations, virtual worlds, scenario-based trainings and learning objects to enhance and reinforce the learning materials.

We conduct employee trainings, leadership and management classes, professional development programs, and sales and customer service seminars in a variety of industries including finance, education, engineering, science, healthcare, beauty, technology, performing arts, hospitality, retail, sports, and not-for-profits.

Our developed programs have varied from half day to semester length classroom, online, and hybrid style trainings for groups ranging from 5 executive staff members to 300 company employees to more than 125,000 customers.


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