M-Learning (Thesis Volume 2.4: Review of the Literature)

At the university level, the Beall Center for Art and Technology (n.d.), located at the University of California, Irvine campus is dedicated to research and exhibitions that explore new relationships between the arts, sciences, and engineering.  They are currently promoting an exhibit at the center entitled Atmospherics/Weather Works which “offers gallery visitors large scale interactive projections and sonifications of hurricanes, polar weather, and global warming.”  Visitors have the opportunity “to experience large geographical events on a human scale and gain a deeper connection to unpredictable, complex rhythms and melodies of nature.”  Not far away, the Experiential Technologies Center located on the UCLA campus generated a simulation of the famous pirate colony, Port Royal (2005).  The project entails a reconstruction of the buildings as determined by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, and it is utilized at the Ocean Institute to enhance the hands-on nautical archaeology experience.

At the K-12 levels, the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) is participating in a number of technology-based projects, including podcasts, animations, and Project Test Drive.  OCDE is currently encouraging the use of podcasts as a resource for bringing subject-matter experts (SMEs) into the classroom, along with school and classroom updates, test reviews, and professional development.  At Los Alamitos High School, students are exploring scientific principles and then creating a complete storyboard, followed by 3-D modeling and animation to demonstrate the subject matter (“Technology showcase project: ‘Science and math in 3-D,’” 2006, Fall).  Project TestDrive is an online science library with lesson plans and resources that will engage students “in learning through innovative science, technology, engineering and math resources” (“Project TestDrive: ‘National science digital library,’” 2006, Fall).   Similar to the educational video games, students will also develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.


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