M-Learning (Thesis Volume 1.3: Statement of the Instructional/Training Problem)

Technology fluency, mentoring skills, and leadership qualities are important traits for students to develop to be successful in high school, college and the workplace.  However, with so much focus on standards-based education across the country, few educators successfully aid students in developing these traits.  Classes are very slow in providing technology training in the established curriculum, however as technology advances and becomes more accessible, it is vital schools integrate it into education.

Each year, being digitally connected becomes ever more critical to economic and educational advancement and community participation. Now that a large number of Americans regularly use the Internet to conduct daily activities, people who lack access to these tools are at a growing disadvantage. Therefore, raising the level of digital inclusion by increasing the number of Americans using the technology tools of the digital age is a vitally important national goal. (U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, & National Telecommunications and Information Administration. (2000, p. xv)

Technology opens the classroom to more communication opportunities, encourages more teacher-student and student-student discussions, and gives students multiple ways of discovering, creating, and communicating information in various formats.  Technology being infused into the schools is ongoing, unstoppable, and necessary. Thus, school use and access to new and current technologies is on the rise and more and more states have established technology standards for students, teachers, and administrators (Fox, 2005).
Written by Higher Power Training (HPT)


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