Why E-Learning is for Me

A personal testimony by the owner of Higher Power Training

When I was working towards my Bachelors Degree, I was also working full-time and playing Division 1 college baseball.  I was constantly busy and found myself missing a number of classes because of schedule conflicts or simply because I had problems paying attention in traditional classroom settings.  When I finally graduated, I swore to myself that I would never go to another class.  When I discovered National University, I was introduced to a new form of education that was convenient, self-driven, and perfect for me.  The Internet has provided me with a number of positive attributes in my own education.

The Internet has provided me with a platform in which I could continue my formal education to complete my Masters program online from the comfort of my own home.  This convenience is crucial as a full-time worker, husband and father.  Technology is constantly developed and improved to provide convenience for people; the Internet is no different.  Online learning allows me to complete my work on my own time; it allows me to continue my education with out sacrificing my responsibilities in life.  If it was not for the Internet, I would not have gone back to school to obtain my Masters Degree.

This online educational platform has also given me a rejuvenated excitement for learning.   Throughout my education I hated school; I found it boring, slow, and lacking real-life application.  The Internet has created an online educational platform that allows me to work at my own pace as well as complete my work at moments throughout the day when I am eager to learn rather than following the same mundane schedule everyday.  The most exciting and useful component offered by online learning is the emphasis on real-life applications to assist in the educational process.  I am not sure if this is common with all online learning or simply National University, but it appears to be easier to incorporate personal experiences and real-life applications via the Internet rather than in a classroom.  This may be a result from people feeling more comfortable discussing experiences over the internet rather than in front of strangers in a classroom.  This comfort level may also be created due to students having unlimited access to resources when in an online class to assist in generating well thought-out and substantial discussions and class participation, rather than being forced to participate with a possible lack of preparation while feeling isolated at a desk in a classroom or lecture hall.

The Internet has also supplied me with unlimited educational resources at my fingertips.  I have always been one to work late into the night on school assignments, creating difficulties in completing assignments to the best of my ability due to limited library hours and even more limited professors’ office hours; but with the aid of the Internet, I now have access to library resources 24/7 as well as teachers via email.  The Internet has also improved communication and availability of fellow students, where once it was difficult to find a time for everyone to come together to work in study groups, has now become easier with the aid of discussion forums and chat rooms.  Another critical resource provided with the aid of the Internet is the ability to access subject matter experts (SMEs).  As someone who works in the field of science, it is very difficult to access even local scientists, but with the aid of the Internet, scientists are now more easily accessible throughout the world.

Ultimately, the Internet has affected my educational experience by providing me with a platform that allows me to continue my formal education.  The Internet has rejuvenated my excitement for learning, provided me with unlimited resources around the world at anytime needed, as well as created a convenient and comfortable form of education.  Without the Internet and online learning, I question how many of us enrolled in this program would have turned to the more traditional form of obtaining our Masters Degree; I know I would not have been one of them.

By Higher Power Training: Providing Instructional Design and Training Services since 2000


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